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The Vivacious business growth – reasons why you need coaching

Blocking can also occur in the earlier stages in one form or another. It can be kind of blockage in the first step. If you hear yourself saying things like “I’m stuck” I’m stuck, I’m in a jam, it means that “you are in a jam”. The blockages can go out alone, with the help of a friend, with the help of the context or with a coach such as one from The Vivacious. It does not necessarily mean that a coach pulls you out of the block, it depends on whether you want to get out. With a coach, you’ll find out why you’re in that lockout and what viable options you have to get out of that lock.

Something missing ……. that only a coach can help you find out

Have you ever experienced a lifetime, a personal relationship, a career or a business that is “missing something”? Theoretically, everything looks good and beautiful, but it seems like something is missing. You do not know what it is missing, sometimes you have a guess, sometimes not. It’s different from confusion, because you’re not confused, but you feel just unfulfilled or unhappy although you have no specific reason. A coach can also help you

Coaching for focus!

This coaching somewhat resembles fitness coaching but is slightly different. When you call a coach, you automatically make a commitment to yourself and there is a third party near you (the coach) who supports you, monitors you, asks you, etc. There are situations in which people call for coaching only as a measure of mild pressure to ensure that they remain focused on a particular project or make some changes or any other situation. Meetings with a coach keep you in the socket, delays are fewer and the speed of development is higher.

Coaching when something does not work

It’s the last one on the list, but it’s not the least. Here coaching appears as a viable solution to a punctual problem the customer is facing. These problems can be very small … or very large. It is true that something that does not work can be identified and indirectly in the above steps but sometimes the problems are stated by the client so punctual that they depart first from them, only then to talk about optimization, growth or focus. Find out more.

Examples of personal problems: I feel that my life has no sense, my relationship is a disaster, the relationship with my son drove me insane, I am unhappy, I do not trust myself, I can’t get rid of problems, I’m stressed, I’m agitated, etc.

Examples of professional life: I’ve had enough of this job do not know what would suit me, I do not understand colleagues, not while I fall again postponed always, I’m tired, my team is demotivated, etc.

These situations, the more they train, the more frustrating and stressful they become. There are ways and means of getting out of these situations, obviously, depending on their nature, the degree of intensity or complexity. The solution sometimes is the psychologist, sometimes a career consultant, sometimes a training, sometimes a book, sometimes even you, sometimes even you and a coach.

By reading the above, I would like to ask you if you would need to seek coaching at what stage you will find? It’s a small poll that I’m doing on this occasion. It also helps you diagnose how a coach can help you.

What is Coaching in the end?

I hope it is now clearer how a coach can help you and what coaching helps you. Coaching is about changing, improving, what you really need, about self-deception, performance, everything personalized, with you in the center, according to your abilities, your skills, the situation you are in.

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Life coaching – What is actually the price paid?

Just like in the case of commerce, it’s what you give instead to get something else. The price paid can be quantified in an infinity of variants: time, stress, acceptance, understanding, goodwill, joy, recognition, relaxation, worries, etc.

The mistake many of us are making is that we do not ask this simple question, namely whether it is worth the price paid. If you answer this simple question and assume the answer you give it becomes extremely simple. Then you will feel and see life with other eyes.

For example, when you have a boss who does not recognize your merits and you have failed to find a solution that satisfies you, you can ask yourself if it is worth the price paid. In this case, the price paid is the non-recognition of the merits. Many people stop at this point without seriously weighing what they receive in return. You may receive a high salary, do what you like or have nice colleagues. You basically pay a price to get many other things in return. Absolutely nothing in the world forces you to accept the situation.