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How the iPhone Back Glass Repair Laser Machine is Revolutionizing Mobile Repairs

iPhone Back Glass Repair Laser Machine

Even though iPhone models are loved worldwide, people have newer complaints with the launch of every model. So, what’s wrong with the iPhone XS MAX? Well, the back-cover glass is way too sensitive. Not only is it fragile, but it’s also hard to repair as there are countless tiny soldering materials attached to the glue that’s holding the back-cover together. These tiny materials make it impossible to remove and replace the back cover. You might buy cheap cell phone parts to cover for the damage, but how much will you regularly spend on repairs and spare cell phone parts? What can iPhone XS MAX users do?

Back Glass Repair

iPhone XS MAX users can use an iPhone back glass repair laser machine! These machines offer the most low-cost and effective separating processes. The laser can detach all types of back glasses. It works perfectly with the iPhone XS MAX and over three-hundred other similar models. Any cell phone that has a broken back glass can be fixed with this machine. The laser machine takes computer images to make the phone is fixed in the correct position. With one click, users can launch the laser disintegration process. After two cycles, the back glass is completely detached, and it can be removed carefully with pliers. The machine works perfectly with all models irrespective of the phone’s shape, size, or screen (flat or edge).

How the No-Touch Mechanism Helps 

The highly-advanced laser separators use a no-touch mechanism. For instance, if you’re using the bestselling TBK-958B automatic laser separator machine, you’ll never have to touch the phone. The material is located perfectly with computer images. After that, you just have to click the ‘Mark’ button. Not an inch of the phone is melted, cut, or harmed because of the laser’s heat.

Safety and Enviro-Friendly Features of the Machine

Laser separator machines are extremely safe for the user and the environment. These machines consume only 10kW of power, significantly less than traditional models that used up to 50kW of power. Since the machine is so efficient, repair experts can fix many broken back glasses faster. It’s the safest possible cutting process. You can also use your laser to cut other materials such as diamonds, wood, glass, etc. However, always follow the laser’s safety guidelines. Wear a mask or protective goggles while using these machines. Repair experts who love working smarter, not harder love these low-effort, high-yield machines.