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Setting Up a Business in London

When it comes to setting up a business, many people choose London. As the country’s capital, London offers a platform for businesses to start up, grow and succeed; this is why it’s a popular place for brand new startups and businesses that are looking to expand into a busier location. With so many businesses heading to London there is competition, but this shouldn’t put you off. The benefits of setting up a business in London far outweigh the negatives.

Benefits of Being in the Capital

  • London Welcomes New Businesses

London is one of the most popular places to start up a business in the UK, so it’s a city that’s welcoming to startups and brand new ventures. Rather than setting up a business surrounded by established companies, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world of likeminded individuals who are also beginning a new business journey.

  • Different Industries Working Together

London isn’t a city that favours one industry over another, meaning there’s room for every kind of business in the capital. This is a great opportunity if you’re looking to branch out and network, growing your business connections as you do so. Businesses can benefit hugely from connecting with each other and in London there’s a lot to choose from.


  • There Are Many International Customers and Clients

As London is such an international city, it’s a fantastic location for any business that’s looking to break into an international market. Most businesses in London will find that their customers and clients come from a variety of different countries, and this can make international growth that little bit easier.

  • Competition Can Be Good

Though there’s a lot of competitiveness when you start a business in London, this doesn’t need to be a bad thing. Having similar companies offering similar services can actually give a business the push it needs to prosper. Plus, it’s a good way to see what others are doing and the steps they are taking to ensure succeed.

We spoke to Daniel Ruthven of F9 Consulting, they are a London Accountants with offices in Canary Wharf, he tells us “London is a great place to start a business, people are receptive to new ideas and the sheer volume of people give you instant access to a thriving market place”.

As you can see, there are loads of benefits that come with setting up a business in London. As a hub for all things business, London has everything you need.  So if you are setting up a new business, enjoy London and good luck with your new venture.