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What to Look for in an Office Adminstrator?

Whether you refer to them as office admins, administrative assistants, or secretaries, the fact of the matter is, your office can’t function without them. A good office admin knows exactly what to do to improve the processes and ensure that your company runs smoothly. While it may seem simple to keep the day-to-day tasks at bay, it takes special skill and qualifications. Don’t leave your administrative work to just anyone. Instead, here are a few of the characteristics than an office admin recruitment agency looks for when trying to fill a position.


One of the top skills that an effective office admin should hold is competence. A great office administrator has taken courses and holds basic office skills. Typing, phone skills, interpersonal communication skills, and a working knowledge of any pertinent software is a must. While many things can be taught on the job, don’t waste your time hiring an admin who doesn’t possess any of the basic skills needed to perform the position.


Think of your office admin staff as the glue that holds everything together. They’re in charge of keeping the processes running smoothly and relaying any necessary information between departments. As the bridge between different areas of your company, it’s absolutely vital that your admins communicate well. While it’s important for them to maintain a positive attitude with you, it’s also vital that they greet customers and other employees with a smile on their face. Developing methods of positive communication prevents issues and allows your admins to diffuse volatile situations.


Your office will thrive when it’s well organized. There’s no one better to take care of the organization than office admins. On top of tracking and organizing events and meetings, your administrative staff should also organize files and handle any incoming messages and communication. For this reason, it’s imperative that the admins you hire are detail oriented and display a sense of organization. With their help, you’ll find it much easier to multitask and keep your office running.

Time Management

As an employer, you hope that each of your employees is using their time wisely. The office administration staff is no different. When looking for an office admin, it’s important that they understand how to effectively utilize and manage their time. This keeps you from losing money and capitalizes on the skill of your employees.

It’s difficult to choose the right person for the job. Instead of relying on your own intuition, hire office admin recruitment agencies to handle everything.