Here are all the rules for health insurance that will benefit the senior citizen in India


Often it can be said that age should not be counted as it is just a number. The same rule is applicable for senior citizens as well. These people at the fag end of their lives are dependent on the savings, which they enjoy. It is those savings, which is the earnings for them. But it is often seen that they have to spend their hard earning savings to take care of their health. In such circumstances, senior citizens health insurance can provide the best solution. There are some rules associated with health insurance which can benefit senior citizens. To know about some health insurance for senior citizens, one can click on

What will health insurance cover?

Costs for medicines, hospitalization and treatment are rising at a notable rate. Since the senior citizens don’t have any chance of increasing their amount, hence, they need to depend on health insurance. It will help these people to spend the second innings of their life in a better way.

There are multiple companies which are offering health insurance policies for senior citizens. These companies have some rules when it comes to senior citizen health insurance India. But before knowing the rules, one needs to know about what is senior citizen health insurance.

What is senior citizen health insurance?

For senior citizens who have attained the age of 65 years and above, health insurance in India is offered by various companies. In these policies, all the expenses are covered for the policyholder. When it comes to taking care of the needs of the elder parents, giving health insurance to the aged parents can be a good option.

IRDA regulations and rules on senior government citizens health insurance policies. Among multiple tasks, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority or IRDA have been authorized with the responsibility to monitor the government-backed health insurance policies customized for senior citizens.

To guarantee welfare, it keeps a close eye on the benefits and features offered through the senior citizen’s health insurance plans. The plans are also regulated at frequent intervals.

Rules for health insurance that benefits the senior citizens

When insurance companies were drastically increasing the premiums in the year 2006 and 2007, IRDA implemented a strict cap on the maximum limit for premium payments. Some rules set by the IRDA are:

  • If there is a case of fraud, moral hazard, and misinterpretation of facts, the IRDA can reject the senior citizen health insurance India.
  • To formulate, plan and implement the necessary claims in a seamless manner, the organization has formed a committee on the health insurance policy. It is seen that several recommendations of the committee have been implemented and are proving to be very effective, and they are efficiently serving the senior citizens.
  • For government-backed health insurance for senior citizens, IRDA also made these features mandatory.
  • When the insurance company accepts the risk, a maximum of 50% of the expenses incurred for pre-insurance medical examination may be reimbursed.
  • As per policy holder’s preference, policyholders have the option of switching to another third party administrators which can provide convenience to the holders.
  • Till the maximum age of 65 years, individuals are offered with the flexibility to renew senior citizen health insurance policy.
  • When there is a rejection of health insurance, it should be given in writing along with the reasons, which will support the rejection.

It becomes very hard for senior citizens to arrange medical expenses and hospitalization charges within a few hours. In case of the payment of bills, senior citizens don’t often possess huge cash. Hence, health insurance will help senior citizens in having a carefree life without having to arrange costs for treatment purposes.