Myths about Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Most people derive joy out of traveling. Traveling is not just an activity for the young but even senior citizens look forward to such trips. Traveling is even more enticing when you are old as you have all the time and resources to undertake it. Senior citizens deserve a break from decades of working hard and saving money.

Senior citizens should consider availing travel insurance when embarking on that long-gestating world tour. As there are more chances of falling ill when you are older, more so while traveling; senior citizen travel insurance is a must. Insurers were reluctant to provide health coverage to such senior citizens previously but many insurance providers have come up with great plans for them.

Let us look at a few myths surrounding senior citizen travel insurance plans:

  1. Maybe I’m too old to avail travel insurance

This is a question that plagues most senior citizens. They may feel that they may be too old to be covered by insurance companies. Most people understand how reluctant these companies can be to provide health insurance to people older than 60 years of age. This happens as older people are more susceptible to contacting fatal diseases when compared to relatively younger people.

Senior citizen travel insurance plans are different from any regular travel insurance plan. Most of these plans allow people aged 65 and above to about 80 to avail such policies. The purpose of these plans is to come to the aid of senior citizens, so age is not a concern.

  1. I already have a life insurance and health insurance

Maybe you already have a dedicated life and health insurance policy in your name. This might make you assume that you may not need a travel insurance. This is not advisable as travel insurance for senior citizens’ also covers travel emergencies such as flight miss/cancellation, checked-in baggage loss by a common carrier, etc. it also covers the expenses that you may incur if you need to get a duplicate or new passport, if your passport is lost. It also covers any money spent on buying clothes, toiletries, medicines etc. if your baggage has been missing for more than a total of 12 hours.

If the flight is delayed for more than 12 hours and if you have incurred an expense because of the same, it will be refunded to you. You can also avail emergency cash if you have lost your funds due to theft. Even if your house has been burgled while you are traveling overseas, you are insured against the loss. You may also avail a distress allowance in the unlikely event of plane hijacking. Indeed, there are multiple benefits of a travel insurance plan for senior citizens.

  1. Travel insurance is a waste of money as it will increase my expenditure

This is a wrong assumption as these plans have very less premium. Moreover, they coveryou against all unplanned odds that may come up during your travel. The cost of the premium is calculated on the basis of your destination, age, coverage amount selected and any other availed benefits. Despite this, the premiums are quite affordable and make a very small increase in your expenditure. Moreover, the benefits you are provided with on the premium are worth it. Travelling for senior citizens is a risky proposition and a slight increase in expenditure is worth the insurance.

  1. Medical cost is cheaper overseas, so I will pay for any treatment that arises abroad

A very detrimental myth, this one could not be more untrue. Treatment costs abroad are expensive and average around $2000 i.e. Rs.1.2 lakh or more. If you would be diagnosed with an illness then it would dampen your travel plans as a huge chunk of your travel money would be used up. It is better than to avail travel insurance or you will not be able to afford the treatment in a foreign country.

  1. Travel Insurance Policy does not cover pre-existing diseases

This also is a myth as pre-existing diseases are covered if it happens to be a life threatening case. Also, there are some plans that cover pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, heart problems etc. Research well and find a plan that covers your exact condition. But mostly, life threatening diseases will be covered in all the senior citizen travel plans.

Considering that senior citizens are usually more prone to fall sick or face any medical emergencies, you shouldn’t hesitate to buy a senior citizen travel insurance plan To make their travel safe, secure and hassle-free, stop believing everything what you hear. Debunk all the myths haunting you and go get one plan for a happy and worry-free journey.