How to manage your credit wisely

Pile of credit cards, narrow focus.

One of the recommendations given to people by economists and financial experts to is that, if you want to truly make good use of credit cards, the first thing you have to do is not to exceed expenses if you do not have sufficient economic resources to support these loans, which have been purchased with credit cards. For credit cards, if you either are an excellent ally at the time of wanting to leave certain financial difficulties, the misuse of the same can also be a double-edged sword.

It is for this reason that our bank FNBNorcal brings to all its customers and users the best 5 recommendations that will help you to use your credit wisely:

  1. Customers can use credit cards in the first week following the day after cutting, this is the best time to purchase products or pay obligations. The reason for this is that the time taken between the expense date and the date of payment of the card is more extended and will allow you to better manage your life with the monthly income of money.
  2. Pay the credit card before the expiration date that is recorded in the invoice, significantly reduces the risk of paying charges for non-compliance. So, pay in advance is another smart way to reduce the interest of deferred purchases in installments.
  3. The minimum payment is another option that gives you the bank so that you can go by paying the debt you currently have with credit cards, but do not forget that it is always recommended to pay a little more for reducing the balance of such debt and thus end up paying less interest.
  4. The pay a monthly fee is an excellent option to be able to defer to one month, the value of the purchase without having to pay the so-called interests of financing of purchase.
  5. No matter the quota that you have with your credit card don’t spend it all, it is good to keep a small reserve to meet possible emergencies or unforeseen future.

If you need personalized information about the policies and rules of payments we provide to our customers of, then we invite you to contact your customer service through emails or phone numbers available here on our website. Weare going to make sure that all the information you need is provided to you.