Debt Consolidation

Government Debt Consolidation Loans – Know What It Is


Government debt consolidation loans is a loan offered by the government to people in order to support them in paying back amounts they owe to various organizations or institutions. There are additional benefits to Government debt consolidation loans like they often ensure low interest rates especially if the borrower is a student. Under Government debt consolidation loans, all the different loans that the borrower has drawn gets consolidated into a single loan amount thereby allowing the debtor to make one payment at a time rather than multiple loan repayment. Thus the process gets straightened and more convenient for both the borrower and receiver.


The following would provide an in-depth insight into Government debt consolidation loans:

– The program is meant especially for students who are finding it difficult to repay multiple loans. It aims at eliminating debt faced by students.

– Students usually face pressure from loans like credit card debt, student loans, and medical bills. In such situations, Government debt consolidation loans play a very vital role and helps students in paying back debts.

– For students the federal government grants the loan in association with Federal Family Education Loan falling under the Higher Education Act. This enables the loan provided by the federal government to repay the existing loans that the student owes to multiple institutions.

– It must be realized that when a borrower issues loan from various institutions, the terms and conditions, interest rates, deadlines for repayment, policies and schemes differ in different institutions. In this regard, Government debt consolidation is a useful set up since all debts convert to a single loan amount and borrowers have to repay the amount in parts every month. Also it involves lower interest rate thus making the entire policy lucrative for the borrower.

– The consolidation program offered by the federal government makes it easy for the borrowers to keep a tab on the due dates and associated reminders since the entire debt gets customized to one amount. The commitments every month also gets relaxed under this program.

– The following are the four plans under Government debt consolidation: extended payment plan, standard plan, graduated payment plan, and income contingent repayment (ICR) plan. Each of these plans are formulated keeping in mind varied interests and issues of borrowers. All the plans are flexible in terms of service and are they have been trusted for years.

– Under Government debt consolidation, the debt amount is secured and thus ensures the borrower some kind of protection.

Thus, Government debt consolidation loan is widely tried by borrowers. The main reason behind the fact that it is a reliable program is that it is a service offered by the central government and it mostly caters to students experiencing pressure of multiple loans. The program is a huge helping hand since it not only streamlines multiple loans but also ensures low interest rates. This is a real boon for the borrowers. But proper awareness is highly required to avail the service. Any kind of consolidation program can often seem a bit confusing for us the layman. Thus it calls for proper understanding before any kind of commitment.