Freebitcoin: the easiest way to start in the Bitcoin world

If you are curious about the bitcoin world, but only know it through the news, the page that I bring you today is perfect to start and accumulate your first satoshis (fractions of bitcoin) completely free.

In addition to being very simple, Freebitcoin offers several ways to earn bitcoins, and a weekly lottery in which you participate automatically when using the page, and in some cases it distributes prizes of up to € 10,000 – € 12,000.

It works all over the world, has been paying since the beginning of 2013, and has 15 million users.

After registering, you will see this on the main page:

You only have to click on the “I’m not a robot” box, solve the Captcha and click on the ROLL button. Depending on the number you draw, you will accumulate more or less satoshis in your account; if you take the 10,000 number you will get the equivalent of 200 $ in bitcoin faucet. You can go back every hour to try your luck again, and every time you give ROLL you also collect tickets for the weekly lottery.

This is the basics, click on the “ROLL” button to accumulate the bitcoin faucet that correspond to us according to the number we take out. But there is much more. Let’s see the different sections of the menu and what they are for:

FREE BTC is the main page, which we have already seen. In MULTIPLY BTC , you can play the satoshis that you have gotten major / minor (Bet HI / Bet LO), although it is not recommended.

In EARN BTC they inform us of the interest rate that the page offers when depositing or keeping your bitcoin faucet  in it, and of the total of bitcoin faucet that we have earned in this way. To start paying interest, you must accumulate at least 30000 satoshis (0.0003 Bitcoins). The current interest rate is 4.08% and the corresponding part is paid daily. Without doing anything!

In LOTTERY you will be able to see the results of the weekly lottery, as well as how many “tickets” you have for the next weekly raffle and how many tickets there are in total for the raffle. The more times you give “ROLL” on the main page, the more tickets you will have, and your chances increase.

In REWARDS you can see the “reward points” that you accumulate, and the things you can do with them. You can exchange them for gift cards, get bonuses on each roll you make, or once you get to 100,000 to change them for satoshis.

FAQ is the section of frequently asked questions. PROFILE is your profile, and in CONTEST you can see a contest currently underway to reward those who refer the most.

In STATS you can see your personal statistics, and also those of the whole of the page (number of users, number of runs, etc …)

Final considerations

In the best bitcoin faucet  you can start to accumulate your first satoshis in a very simple way, without investing, or see publicity. It can also be seen as a way to play the free lottery, since the weekly raffle awards many times higher than 2 bitcoins (around € 11,000 currently).

And they also give you interest for your bitcoins, which is seen in very few places. It also has an app, which you can download once registered making it easier to use.

It is undoubtedly one of the best and most complete pages to win satoshis, and with much advantage the simplest, so if you have not yet registered, click on the banner to start adding satoshis: