What Are The Different Types Of Banking Jobs

The banking sector is one of the most interesting industries for people to work in. This is a diverse field, where people can put a range of different skills to the test. You need to understand the different types of banking jobs so that you are able to match your skills to that particular job.

Financial Analyst

The financial analyst studies a wide range of investment opportunities. They look at which markets are performing well and which ones are failing. The financial analyst is then able to tell individuals and businesses about where they should be investing their money.

The right kind of investment can potentially generate lots of money for individuals and businesses. This means that the analyst has a crucial role to play. Financial analysts will also be able to advise individuals and businesses about the types of investments that they should avoid, or when they should pull their money out of a particular investment.

Investment Banker

Investment bankers are responsible for buying and selling shares on behalf of the people that they work for. They aim to buy stocks that will increase in value before they can be sold. The stock market is liable to fluctuations, so investment bankers need to have a keen sense of when is the right time to buy and when is the right time to sell.

This is a high-pressure job and it requires you to have an even temperament. You will need to make extremely quick decisions, so thinking on your feet is a necessary skill. The wrong decision could potentially cost a lot of money. Land on banking jobs in Malaysia which are highly-paid.

Bank Clerk

A bank clerk is responsible for dealing with customer accounts. This is a face-to-face job, so you need to be outgoing and polite. Mathematical skills are needed because you will spend a lot of your day counting money. The bank clerk also processes cheques and can change money into different currency if someone is going abroad on holiday.

This is a useful job for someone who is leaving school but does not want to go onto university.

Loan Officer

When someone wants to take out a loan from the bank, they need to deal with a loan officer. The loan officer will advise the customer about the different types of loan that are available. You will advise the customer about the different ways in which the loan can be used and repaid. Customers need to know as much as possible about the loan they are securing, so you should make sure to give as much information as possible.

Financial Manager

A financial manager is responsible for the accounts of a business. They need to make sure that expenditure is kept low whilst income is generated. The accountant needs to be able to forecast several years into the future, which will enable them to advise the business owner about different ways in which they can save and generate money.

Research different jobs in the banking industry before you decide on what type of career you want to have.