Check list before buying an Expired Premium Domain for Sale

buying an Expired Premium Domain for Sale

Before buying an expired domain it is important to do a minimum evaluation of requirements. In this way you will know if acquiring it is convenient or not for your positioning or projects with the web. There are 6 points that you should take into account in your previous report.

  • Check PA and DA: You should point to sites that have a good level of Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA), which means that they have quality inbound links, among other SEO aspects. These metrics are evaluated in a ranking that ranges from 1 to 100. From 20-25 the web can be a good business. Use Moz’s Open Site Explorer or its browser bar to make this assessment.
  • Check that it is not restricted in Google: It is important to check if the site is indexed in Google and does not present prohibitions in the search engine. You have to check it in the cache placing the domain name. If it does not appear, it raises suspicions.
  • Analyze prohibitions in Google AdSense: A website with a bad reputation is banned from this space and that is a huge disadvantage for SEO positioning strategies and for the monetization of the project.
  • Check history of web activities: Through the web you can check past movements of the domain. This will allow you to rule out that it is involved in illegal processes, link farm, spam or that it has been recently penalized.
  • No virus: Check that the web is free of malwares, otherwise you will have an extra job that may not end well. To do this check, use tools such as Google Malware Website Check or AVG web page scanner, both free.
  • Domain ownership: Check the database or WHOIS, this will allow you to obtain information from the previous owners of the website. Examine the contents associated with the domain in recent years.

Step by step How to buy expired domains?

There are a series of steps to follow to find the expired domain of your dreams. Learn the process with us.

Step 1: Set a budget

On the web you can find expired domains ranging from 8 to 2000 dollars. You must set a budget considering your minimum conditions, if you are looking for a higher quality website it will be more expensive. A standard, good or medium performance can be found without problems on a small budget. The latter is recommended if you plan to use it to create a blog and monetize it or for personal projects.

The cost of the premium domain for sale is influenced by its status and the modality of purchase, either by auction or directly with the registrar. If it is in a phase of elimination you can buy it as if it were a new one. This method is the cheapest while with auctions the investment goes up.

Step 2: View the domain

If you have an SEO strategy in mind, you have already established your search guidelines. It is important to visualize the type of domain name you are looking for, its characteristics and strengths. Track its expiration period so you can bid on it before anyone else.

It can be a blog of your competition or a website related to your commercial activity that you are interested in linking.

Step 3: Know the status of the domain

There are different domain statuses involved in the release process. In total we could define 6 that are: renewable, pre-launch, liquidation, waiting, pending to be eliminated and eliminated.

Renewable domains or in redemption period: These addresses are still recoverable so there will be no way to bid for them. It takes an average of 30 days to be available in pre-launch if the owner doesn’t do a renovation. You can target this domain and keep track of it until it expires and you can bid on it.

Pre-launch domains: It is in a short phase in which it is auctioned publicly. This happens because the owner did not renew the site so the registrar chooses to sell it. In general they are of excellent quality, but their cost is high. Whoever offers the most is the winner.

Liquidated domain or closeout: These are those that were not sold at the public auction. If you could not bid in this modality, take the opportunity to get one liquidated.

Waiting: The waiting domains are those in which the registry has not been updated or renewed. The way to obtain it is by contacting the registrar and the owner to make a direct purchase. Sometimes the administrator places an advertisement on his website where he establishes the amount for the sale and its benefits.

Pending to be removed or “Dropping Domains”: These domains are about to be removed. They can be obtained at good prices through different registration platforms. You must contact the registry company.

Deleted: Once the entire renewal period has finished, the domains are finally deleted. Now they can be purchased as if it were a new one for less than $ 10. They maintain their PR, PA and DA strengths.