Understand the Importance of Money Management

Money Management

Money management is one subject that many people do not spend enough time thinking about.  It is more than just budgeting; it is developing a plan for the future which will allow you to achieve your goals and even retire comfortably.  There are two stages to money management; you need to understand why it is important to have a money plan and how to achieve your goals.

Many people find it difficult to know where to start with achieving these aims; this is when it is useful to use the services of a professional firm who know how to deal with money management issues.  Richard Brothers Financial Advisors is one firm that can offer a huge array of advice and assistance to anyone looking to manage their money more effectively.

There are several stages to effective money management:


Surprisingly the most important part of money management is not drawing up a budget.  Before you can do anything you need to understand what it is that you want to achieve.  Financial security in retirement is certainly one objective that you should be considering.  However, you may also have plans to purchase a new home or a second house; you may even simply want to take the family on a special holiday.  It is essential that you know what you want and how much funds you will need so that you can factor this into your budget.

Income / Budget

It is now important to list your current income and your outgoings.  You should include in this the amount you wish to save; for that special item or you retirement, (as per your goals).  This will provide you with a good idea of whether you are currently earning enough funds or not.  If your budget shows a deficit then it will be time to consider your current level of expenditure.  There are many small things which can be done to reduce your weekly or monthly bills.  However, every reduction in spending you make must be reasonable and achievable.  No matter how big your goals you must also be able to enjoy your life now!


One thing that many people overlook is loans.  The best money management plan will ensure all loans are paid off within a set period.  However, in the meantime it is possible to adjust or replace your existing loans with ones which have more favorable terms and lower rates of interest.

Being in control of your money will also allow you to explorer the option of additional credit lines if necessary.


Finally it is important to consider your investment strategy.  Any excess funds which you intend to saver towards your goals will need to be placed somewhere securely.  You may need to consider an Individual Retirement Account or specialist bank accounts.  Alternatively a high interest yield account may suit your needs or even an annuity.  You should seek specialist advice with this part of the process.

It is also worth considering insurance policies and factoring them into your costs.  Whilst you hope you will live to a ripe old age, if you did die early these policies can look after your loved ones.