Machinery Loans – The Way to Expand Your Business

Manufacturing businesses require machinery and a whole lot of it. When one wants to expand their business, the machinery also needs to be bigger in size or need to get more of the machines to cater to the need of the production and customers. This is a huge financial decision made by businesses of all sizes. We live in a competitive world and customers usually, want a quick turn around time. They know they have options and if one refuses, they would go to another. To stay in the market businesses are ready to work hard, employ more people and machines to get their work done and be the best in their area. Getting in more machines in the factory requires a huge investment and it is not possible to pay the entire amount from your own pocket. Machinery loans are now available from banks and other financial institutions. We live in a credit society and it probably makes more sense to take out a loan and pay the instalments, rather than, paying the entire sum from our own pocket.

Kinds of machinery loans

The safest way to take machinery loans is to speak with a business finance specialist, who can recommend the best way to go ahead with the loan and what kind of product would suit your business the most. There are varied loans in the market. It is not like a financial institution, where you are applying for a loan, doing the paper work, and completing the formalities. There are so many options available that you need to dig deep into the products to understand yourself what is the most suitable option for you.

Asset finance

The kind of machinery loans that is most popular is known as asset finance. This allows you to obtain a plan and machinery required for the business without paying huge upfront amount. Additionally, it enables you to maintain your cash flow without worrying about it. Small businesses, as well as large ones, use this kind of financing. The reason behind it is that, it keeps their cost lower and at the same time, does not need them to pay a huge sum in the beginning, thereby, without affecting the cash running. This, in fact, entails you to keep circulating the money in the business as before.

Asset finance gives the business owner a lot of flexibility in terms of ownership. You can choose to own it at the end of the term of finance or you may choose not to own it at all and instead replace it every few years. The former is known as hire purchase, whereas, the latter is known as lease financing usually, this is the most chosen route.

Bank loans

Bank loans are another form of machinery loans that are popular among businesses. They are more straightforward. You take a loan from a bank, buy the machinery with it, and start paying the monthly instalments from the repayment date. It does not offer as much flexibility as asset finance does. There are many factors to consider when deciding which route to take while opting for machinery loan. One must keep in mind the tax implications, usage of the machinery in the business, work and growth plans, and the impact it will have on running costs of the business. Daily running cost cannot be avoided. Hence, take necessary provision for them.

It must be known that machinery loans are not taken only to buy new plant and machinery, but for used equipment and large machinery. Financing used equipment is known as refinancing and large machines are usually done through the asset finance route.

Overall, it is extremely beneficial to get machinery loans rather than paying huge amount at once.